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Bio TKA strives to help growers grow high-quality crops using plant nutrition. In cooperation with its partner in biochemistry and biotechnology, Bio TKA carries out research in agricultural cultivation to develop an innovative, user-friendly and sustainable line of plant nutrition and pesticides. Here, the quality and health of the plant are central, because a solid basis for obtaining a good harvest is the beginning.


Bio TKA is a place where people from various industries come together - from biochemists to growers to logisticians. All with one common goal: the creation of high-quality and pure plant nutrition. We at Bio TKA see the importance of good plant support because without plants there is no life.

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Bio TKA in your store? 

There are already many points of sale in Europe that sell our Bio TKA product lines to their satisfied customers with great satisfaction. 

Make an appointment now with one of our representatives for an intake interview.

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