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Cultivate Coco

Bio TKA has developed the COCOS line especially for the grower who grows on coconut substrates. This consists of several liquid concentrates with a specific function NPK ratio, adapted to the growth and flowering cycle of the plant.


These nutrients have a strong mineral base, but also contain organically bound and mineral bound micro-elements, which increase the absorption of the minerals, resulting in an efficient and high-quality development of the plant.

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Bio TKA Coco A + B is a mineral blend consisting of two components that is specially formulated for high quality and dynamic results during the growth and flowering phase. Mineral feeds are easy to dose and can generate high growth dynamics. The nitrogen compounds and trace elements in Coco A + B are absorbed very quickly, allowing you to grow vigorous plants with a well-developed root system.

When applying the recommended dosage during each watering, the plant will be provided with sufficient nutrients. The mineral feeds are not species-specific and can be used in a large number of cultivation types. For optimal development it is necessary to take pH and Ec measurements before the cultivation process.



  • Formulated for coir substrates

  • pH value indication 5.8 / 6.5

  • Indication Ec value 1.2 / 2.2

  • Add Coco A and B in equal amounts

  • Average dilution: 1: 500 (2 ml./ 1 L. water) (or dosage according to schedule)

  • Dosage: with every watering.

  • Available in 1 L. 5 L. and 10 L.

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