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Bio TKA Plant Controll is a cell stretch inhibitor that can be used in any type of cultivation process to stop the length growth of the plant for 14 days. The cell elongation inhibitor has no effect on cell division, metabolism and other processes, so that the side branches follow each other more closely and the stem becomes firmer.


If Bio TKA Plant Controll is administered in the correct dosage, no undesirable effects will occur. In addition, it has no effect on the duration of the plant cycle.


The active ingredients of Plant Controll are extracted from natural plant extracts. In addition, the cell stretch inhibitor also contains amino acids, which are important for the successful development of the organic structures of the plant, and humic acids and fulvic acids for an improved and more gradual absorption of the nutrients.




  • Formulated for cultivation on organic substrates and soils (soil, coconut, etc.)

  • Mixable with all feeds and additives

  • Environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals

  • Dilution: 1:20 (50 ml./1 L. water)

  • Apply by spraying leaves

  • Dosage: as needed

  • Available in 250 ml.


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