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Amino acids are important nutrients for the plant, as they are the main part of the internal organic structures. Bio TKA Soil Amino Plus can function as nutrition during growth, but also as a soil improver. For optimal development, Soil Amino Plus can be used at the beginning of the vegetative phase and during the fruit set, when the need for amino acids is greatest.


The use of Soil Amino Plus has several advantages, including an increased activity of photosynthesis, higher chlorophyll contents, improved resistance to stress, high-quality fruits and also a strengthening of the effect of plant protection products.



  • Formulated for cultivation on organic substrates and soils (soil, coconut, etc.)

  • Mixable with all feeds and additives

  • Dilution: 1:200 (5 ml./ L. water)

  • Dosage: once every seven days during all developmental stages (as needed)

  • Available in 1 L and 5 L.


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