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To successfully grow plants, various factors must be taken into account, such as the amount of oxygen and CO2 in the air, the minerals in the soil, the temperature, water supply, humidity, and light intensity. Only the interplay of these factors will lead to an optimal harvest. Also, the climatic needs depend on the species and type of plant. Therefore, to provide a plant with the optimal environment, plant nutrition plays a fundamental role in the cultivation process.


Each grower has his own way of growing, but broadly speaking, two ways of growing can be distinguished from each other when it comes to nutrition.


Especially for the grower growing on artificial and inorganic substrates (rockwool, mapito, perlite, etc.) or organic substrates that do not contain fertilizers (coconut fibers, clay granules, etc.), Bio TKA has developed the HYDROPONICS-line. It consists of multiple liquid concentrates with a function-specific NPK ratio, adapted to the plant's growth cycle.


These nutrients have a strong mineral base, but also contain organic compounds that increase the absorption of the minerals, resulting in efficient and high-quality development of the plant.

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Organic-humatic cultivation is a new way of cultivation. This involves using the soil, so that - unlike growing with entirely mineral products - no nutrients are lost through leaching. This method of cultivation can only be carried out on organic soils, such as cocos and soil.


Bio TKA has created a complete basic nutrient line for growing on an organic substrate, the CULTIVA-line. These feeds contain the elementary NPKs, but also amino, humic and fulvic acids, which enable exchange with the soil and lead not only to a more efficient cultivation process but also to a higher quality end product.

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In addition to the organic-mineral and organic-humatic feeds, Bio TKA has a wide range of additives, including supplements (also called boosters), regulators, soil maintenance, foliar nutrition, and plant protection. This allows a grower to create a feeding schedule that fully meets crop needs and can prevent and counteract common problems.

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Bio TKA strives to help the grower grow as optimally as possible. To this end, the growing schemes can be consulted, but Bio TKA also offers personal bio support to growers with specific needs and/or problems. 

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